Who are we?

We are a digital full service agency.

We have all the necessary resources to take over a project, to handle and build it, passing it through the magic filament of the creative team, through the codified zone of web development, through Client Service’s smoothies, through the iron hand of project management and the pragmatism of marketing. Access to the public is done via Social Media and Google adwords.

The team

Backend Developer

For 8 up to 12 hours a day he is caught up in front of the monitor looking for the perfect and safest implementation.

The team

Front End Deveoper

Is Backend Developer’s little brother, specialized in the latest technologies so that your project could be available also on mobile without any pain in the neck.

The team

Senior Creative

He is the bohemian of the team, always caught between colors, lines and circles. He will enchant your eyes with his creations.

The team

Senior Project Manager

You don’t want to meet him! What matters is that his work guarantees accurate specifications and respecting the deadlines. He is the man with the whip!

The team

Senior Account Manager

Sweet chat, coffees and smoothies – all day long. She instantly replies the emails and develops campaign mechanisms along with the team.

What more would you want?

The team

Copywriter & Social Media Specialist

There are more chances to talk to her on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ than persuading her to take her eyes out from the notebook. She will make sure your brand’s friends are active and engaged in the community.

The team


This is the most tricky area! We are not talking about one person but about a team of seniors who bring their best into the strategy. Following the model “6 brains are better than 1”, in Sunshine you can trust.

The team


“We are still waiting for a text from him…...”