• Strategic

    We are close to our clients to offer them marketing strategic consultancy in any of their business stages and on any period of time.
  • Web Design &

    We have all the necessary resources to carry out any project from design, front end and back implementation for websites, Facebook applications, blogs, to e-commerce platforms.
  • Integrated

    We coordinate integrated campaigns on various Medias and work together with PR, ATL, BTL or email marketing agencies to achieve complex projects.
  • Social media

    Establishing the one year long strategy for our social media clients, directions and quarterly planning, but also managing the fans communities.
  • Viral

    Any campaign can be viral, either we talk about a video or an entire application. The difference consists in how creative is the idea and how spectacular is the execution.
  • Mobile

    We develop native applications for iOS and Android and we offer strategic support for our clients before and after the applications has been finished and launched.
  • Character design / 2D, 3D Animation

    We build 2D and 3D characters and bring them to life through animations, applications, video clips etc…
  • SEM & SEO

    Site optimization for search engines and paid search marketing campaigns with guaranteed results.
  • Visual creation and DTP

    Visual identity, newsletters, brochures, magazines, OOH and any other material for print or online. From creation, copy to DTP and even printing.
  • Blogvertising

    Strategy and support to integrate blogs in integrated campaigns or in independent campaigns.